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Mail-order catalogs are fun to pore through, especially as bathroom reading material.  Even if you have no intention of buying anything, it’s still fun to see what strange, unusual, and straight-up quirky things are out there that you’re definitely not going to be finding in local stores.  From catalogs offering a little bit of everything to gourmet food to the hyper-focused niche market items, there’s something out there for everybody.  If you’re lucky, you just might find something that you must have now, or is a perfect gift for a person on your list…

I love mail-order catalogs. My boyfriend’s mother has an entire basketful of catalogs offering crazy, extraordinary things and I spend hours pouring over the new ones whenever I visit. However, when it comes to finding more mail-order catalogs, there’s no way to find similar companies, or even a place to browse companies who offer said catalogs. I started Quirky Catalogs so you don’t have to be frustrated like I was.

Quirky Catalogs consolidates many mail-order catalogs into one nice, easy, browse-able site for you. Catalogs are categorized by tags according to their content, so if you’re only interested in, say, Gourmet Food, you can get a list of all the catalogs I’ve found offering gourmet food.

Happy cataloging!

Know of a catalog that I haven’t listed yet?

Do you know of a mail-order catalog that should be listed in Quirky Catalogs? Send me a message and let me know!